Monday, July 30, 2007

Summerfest Cancelled

The 2007 Woodbridge Summerfest Has Been Cancelled

We were unable to secure the necessary resources to properly prepare and secure programming planned for the Woodbridge Summerfest this year. After falling short of agreed upon minimum necessary revenue allocations, individuals that were not part of our original Wodbridge Summerfest leadership have decided to use the name for a last minute under planned, under promoted and under funded effort.

We have offered our support and asked that they please continue their plans under a different name, so as not to cause confusion with our supporters and disenfranchised festival team, programmed musicians, sponsors, artists and vendors.

We'd like to extend a sincere apology to everyone who has invested their time and energy into supporting this year. We appreciate your support and enthusiasm. It is our hope to assemble a diverse and inclusive group of Woodbridge residents for a well planned and properly funded effort next year and hope that you will continue to support as we work to provide an anchor in the Woodbridge community for positive, long-term cultural programming and neighborhood improvement.

Help keep Woodbbridge clean and safe.

Kind Regards,

Rich Rice
Woodbbridge Summerfest


Edward said...

It is with great regret that I as well have stepped away from the Woodbridge Summerfest as a CO-Director and CO-Founder. My decision was based on a recent career change and my role as a father and husband. This refocusing has required me to reduce my volunteer efforts to a more manageable level. As in past years the Woodbridge Neighborhood Development Corporation is continuing to act as the sole fiduciary, corporation and non-profit sponsor of this community focused event. The same diverse, inclusive and vested Board of Directors, who until recently I answered to as Executive Director, remains fully behind this event with my successor Graig Donnelly. It is ultimately that Board of Directors, comprised of both recent and longtime Woodbridge residents, that sets policy for its Executive Director including his participation in various collaborations. Positive community building, growth of intercommunity relationships and, most applicable to this situation, fiscal responsibility are all basic policies vital to the health and longevity of our service to the Woodbridge community. The Woodbridge Neighborhood Development Corporation also regrets any non-positive impact and situations a revised August 18, 2007 Woodbridge Summerfest may generate. At the core of our mission is our dedication to the best interest of our community. That remains constant.

Edward Potas

Anonymous said...

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